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Laowa Macro Master Class – EP02 – 11 Best Ideas for Abstract Macro Photography

Join us for an inspiring episode hosted by Micael Widell! 📷💥

In this Macro Master Class, Micael delves into the world of abstract macro photography. Discover 11 fantastic ideas to supercharge your macro photography, no matter your skill level.

Get ready to spark your creativity and create stunning macro photos. Subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss it! 🎥✨

Live date: September 9th, 14:00 GMT

Featured lens: Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO

Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO

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Laowa is an innovative camera lens brand that offers distinctive photo and cine optics. We strive to enhance our products and inspire a new generation of filmmakers and photographers.

Venus Optics produces photo and cine lenses with passion and innovation. The company designs and manufactures its lenses in Hefei, and operates sales and marketing offices in Hong Kong and the USA.


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  • Back in film days we called it '"Whatzits?" Macro shots were taken of everyday items at macro distances asking viewers to guess what it was. Some popular (but too easy, then) subjects were record grooves or needles and parts of a dial telephone. Those would not work today since too many people have no idea what those things are at any distance but the idea could still work. You would disagree with one rule. We always made something sharp in every photo. Why buy a great Laowa lens (I have the 85 and 105) when all you want is abstract fuzziness?


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