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Date ideas that you will make you fall in love ✨ ~ Tiktok Compilation

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  • Arcade
    Swimming pool
    Ride electric scooter together
    Game night
    X shopping date –> surprise
    X coffee date –> surprise
    X movie –> surprise
    X picnic –> surprise
    X dinner –> surprise
    Fair/Amusement parks
    Late night Drive
    Laser tags/paint ball
    Star gazing and bone fire
    Gun range
    Go carts date
    Car meet up
    Night market dates
    Try out new cafe
    Painting together

    #Go to the grocery store both pick a food three times back and forth then go the park with nice view —> with burgers, snaks, drinks, ice cream, pizza, fresh dried mango slices, milano cookies etc

    #Talk on a walkie talkie inside kia store and try to know each other
    #Rock paper scissors decide- drinks, dessert, game/activity

    #take her with you date without planning– I'm going to the mall, can you come over, we can grab some ice cream afterwards?
    #star bucks/ccd drink
    #Watch movies/web series/movie night with snaks
    #Pizza on the beach

    Nature dates
    Book an airbnb
    Go camping
    Go on day trip
    Book hotel
    Plan a scavenger hunt
    Built a rope swing
    Beach fire/bone fire
    Surprise picnic
    Go to a sports game
    Explore city

    # get a disposable camera and take night photos

    Going on a hike/just going to look at nature

    Sharing favorite songs and deep convos

    Take out food and watching the sunset on top of a parking garage

    Day trips to the beach, mountain or lakes

    Surprise at the back of car with flowers and all her fav snaks and food

    Any customized cups / plates/ gift items

    Go to a drive in movie/Outside movie projector

    Go star gazing at beach/ garden/park/ at the back of your car

    Go ice skating

    Go to breakfast and movies all day

    Watch sunrise and sunset

    Go to the floating lantern events

    Under water sea museum/ water park

    #the ultimate date list
    Rock climbing
    Curve pumpkins
    Country dancing
    Fish kiss spa
    Lego kits
    Pick fruit at a fruit orchard
    Make shusi
    Time capsule
    Go on a scenic walk
    Home made candle lit romantic dinner
    Mini golfing
    Trivia night/pub quizes
    Scooters downtown
    Cake making
    Buy matching tees and tie dye
    Water gun fight
    Buy an appetizer, entree and dessert from different places
    Go to the zoo
    Pumpkin patch
    Canyon drive
    Go to the National park
    Car show
    Do each others makeup
    Heena tattoos
    Trampoline park
    Clasic skating
    Photo booth
    Fly kites
    Road trip
    Paint balling
    Float a river(provo river)
    Make icecream sundoes
    Corn maze
    Go out to the dinner and order for each other
    Salt flats
    Sound dunes
    Wheelee farm
    Antelope island
    Temple square lights
    Castco samples
    Jazz game
    Hot tubing
    Park City ebikes
    Make soap( pravo center street)
    Wipped cream fight
    Board games at park outside
    Set up a movie in the car with yummy snaks
    Find the best chips and guac
    Visit a green house
    Spa night
    Air mattress on a lake
    Scenic bike
    Group date kick ball
    Rent razors/4 wheelers and find cool trails

  • idk what im doing for my first date with my lover😭😭

  • 3:16 I am in middle school 💀

  • “Try not to get indoctrinated” 💀

  • I WOULDNT SEE a Scientology Show as FUN????

  • Lmao the Scientology one

  • The last one😂😂😂😂

  • This is so corny i don’t want her no more 😂

  • To much straightness to me Lol

  • Who was the girl that gave the list

  • #10 CHEAP first Date Ideas
    1. Vasectomy clinic
    2. Swap Meet / Yard Sale
    3. Your Cousin's Parole Hearing
    4. Shoplifting
    5. Home Depot
    6. CPR Class
    7. County Clerk's Office
    8. Blood Drive
    9. Oil Change
    10. Strip club

  • My first date wasn’t amazing because we are both very introverted, for the second date I’m going to take her to a park and set up a cute picnic. I also found these really cute bracelets that have half a magnetic heart and they connect. I want to get us some bcs they are really cute.

  • For the second date I'm having next Saturday with this guy, I planned on going to the Lego store and build each other figures. Then choose a set to build, go to mine, watch our favorite show (we have the same owo) and start building whatever we chose 🙂

    I'm excited, just think about random things or listen to what they say and think about what you could do to get their interests involved <3


  • Ahhh thank you! i have a date with this guy i like, but i didnt have any ideas. gonna ask him if he wants to do some of these things!


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