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5 Signs Of Disrespect In Dating That You Should NEVER Tolerate

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  • Go to our sponsor for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.

  • Sign #1: you are a man and she is a woman. Enough said.

  • I had cancelled first date couple hours before at morning – the reason was ok, she told me that she woke up and feels bad, sick.
    She reached out two weeks later and invited me for a walk in a park.
    Well… she cancelled date right on spot when I was already there at told time. Reason? "I have changed my mind".
    She didn't even arrived there.

    Such people are terrible. My worst experience. Kills trust to peoples common sense of respecting each other on the basic level.

  • A lot of these points are common sense and a bare minimum you’d expect from a friend. I would have the same standards for a partner as I would a good friend.

    Re flakiness; I won’t tolerate that in a friendship, I couldn’t be bothered with people like that. Friends who’ve been like that I lose motivation and don’t bother.

    Re lack of interest; it gets a bit tedious when people only talk about themselves, I don’t know about you, but I cannot be bothered to hang out with people like that.

    RE ons-sided; users, had friends like that = toxic

    RE constant criticism; knit-picking and fault-finding people, putting you down, belittling = toxic relationship, no thanks; won't tolerate that in a friend, won't tolerate it in a partner

    RE controlling; no thanks; guilt-tripping, emotional blackmail? No thanks = toxic relationship, needs calling out or distancing; won't tolerate it in a friend, won't tolerate it in a partner

    RE checking phones; absolutely unacceptable, a violation of privacy and disrespect of boundaries. People who do this have serious problems with trust

    My question is, WHY do so many men drop these standards? This seems like basic common sense. Men should have the same standards for dating as they should for a friend. If my friends did any of those things to me, I wouldn't be their friends. I have exactly the same standards in terms of ho I want to be treated for a partner as I would for a friend. There should be no giving exceptions just because you find someone 'hot' or attractive. Hope this helps.

  • If a girl has guy friends whilst dating, that is the ultimate form of disrespect

  • I disagree with the they can hangout who they want too if im dating a girl, there will be 0 guys in the picture unless its her brother or father or male family, 0 GUY FRIENDS WHATSOEVER

  • The last 3 signs are how my family raised me as a child. It has had a negative impact on my life in so many ways. One of the many things include why I can't make a relationship workout

  • All the girls I'm trying to date pretty much just playing on me. Everything you've said in this video perfectly describes all of the girls I dated before and current. Girls are just idiots

  • When I was a teenager I had a girlfriend who was constantly late, or rather she was not ready when I went to pick her up. So one time I showed up and she had not even showered yet. So I saw her younger sister just sitting on the couch and asked her if she wanted to go dancing. We had a great time and after that my girlfriend was never ever late.

  • I check up, now and then, on a handful of content creators, to study the psychology of content and comments. I try to find bots🤣

  • One of the red flags I have with guys, is he listens TOO well and doesn’t share ANYTHING about himself.
    It makes me nervous not only because I feel like I am leading and emasculating him by asking all the questions to him, that he doesn’t seem interested in answering. I totally understand women can never shut up—but I get tired of talking. I want him to talk about himself too! Sharing about our lives and interests on dates should be equal as you said. Cos the second it becomes one sided I freak out. ESPCIALLY if I am doing all the talking I wonder “is he not interested in me anymore? Is he even listening? Am I talking to a brick wall?”

  • Another red flag is when either a male or female on dates talk about their dating preference as far as which type of race they prefer to go out with. I've been involved in that type of situation on my past dates and to me, I felt very uncomfortable and a definite red flag.

  • Could you do more videos on issues in long-term relationships and not just the early stages of dating? That would be great!

  • timestamps plzzzzzzz

  • In general regards to both men and women. On my personal journey

    1. Time and Finance management.

    2. Mentioning and relating to previous relationships, comparison.

    3. Showing distaste via circumventing, indirect remakrs of the servies when out on a date. i.e cheap food, service. AND mentioning previous experience of better places. And adding mention of previous relationship(s).

    4. The look on the face, expressions and behaviour change when meeting others of perceived importance etc.

    5. Yes, self centred. Being discounted and not held up in honour. Issues around narcissism, gas lighting and justifying on why behaviour is such and rights; rather than sharing, privacy and cooperation.

    Plethora of other reasons, though i do not blame or totality. My younger self is of being imbecile and cowardly. That is on areas of roots upbringing and how to get out and away from it, on the individual men and women.

    Blame or mired stuck in self pity, is OUT. Thank God(prayers do get answered, whatever we believe in), Goodness, managed to get out and Start being a real person, man. Learning from good supportive people. BUT we have to consciously seek out and find the Truth. There are still good women and men around. Nurture and protect them, starting from self, children and around us.🍀🙌💪

  • Never tolerate people being late ( without proper notice) my time is just as valuable as yours , never tolerate public disrespect or embarrassment that being said people today need to work on not being offended by “everything” realize humor and not everything is about you or me

  • I think for the most part, your ideas are spot on. As a thirtyish something, I started paying attention to this type of content as I realized I needed to go beyond where I was to achieve other personal goals in life. Up to that time, my personal life to a large part took back seat. When young people realize what they're doing in life shows little prospect of delivering the results they seek, they become very interested in listening more to informed content like yours.

  • Courtney a lot of men right now I think are experiencing the not showing enough interest part. The other things are kinda obvious

  • I was taking to a girl for a while and got her snap finally masked her out and she agreed but eventually ghosted me. Looking back she never asked me about myself and wasn’t very good at communicating. Maybe she was just being nice?

  • THE REALITY 🤔: Most women only choose or date physically attractive men who takes advantage of their masculine beauty and does'nt take relarionships seriously and when these women are dumped they blame all men in general including the good ones for making their own bad decisions which is going after the same handsome guy who does'nt take relationship serioisly 😭

  • Hey all. I got stood up today. She claims she overslept- I’m sure she did, however there’s a thing called an alarm. You know what I did? I bought myself some food and had a good time and talked to the workers. I’m grateful this happened because I rarely have time to myself and don’t enjoy quality meals, I also remembered tomorrow is shoulder and leg day so I needed to prep. Anyways, we don’t control what happens but we can control how we respond to what happens. Despite burning gas, I’m glad it happened. Don’t fear this crap/rejection. Soon a special door will open.

  • I cannot believe Courtney thinks any human being alive doesn’t know this stuff… This channel is the most embarrassing infantilizing condescending content ever conceived. Who does she think men are? Clearly believes they are moronic fools…

  • Dating dating dating, i had only 1 girlfriend. She IS m'y wife. I have 1 child with her. You are so complicated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How about this one I dated a couple of years ago:
    She was a collague and we dated 5 months. I noticed she started pulling back so one days I asked her and she responded she was not sure about us. So naturally I said we should not continue and especially since we dont want to mess with our work environment. A month later she comes back and wants to keep dating saying she missed me.I say sure But I have a project in another country for 3.5 months. We date for a few weeks before I leave. We say we will see how things are when I get home how we feel but she wanted to keep in touch so we did and she said she had feelings for me and we both really wanted to keep dating. So we write. And again I notice her pulling away. I remind her that we are colleagues and need to keep it clean and that I asked for straight and open communication, and that whenever she had doubts she needs to tell me. She says things are fine but that she has been busy. A few weeks before I go back home I ask for a date when we get home and she says she really would like that.
    The day Im landing back home I get the text "sorry, I met someone else".
    Naturally I felt very used and disrespected. The first time she didnt speak openly with me is one thing. But the second rollercoaster upset me.


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